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The need to weave agility throughout the business

With geopolitical tensions, more extreme weather events and the legacy of a global pandemic, it is more difficult for energy suppliers to preserve their margins and remain competitive than ever before. To thrive in the current climate, it is imperative that a supplier makes marginal gains wherever they can.

Profitability within the sector today hinges on three pillars. The company’s ability to manage risk, forecast accurately, and adapt swiftly. This article would explore how technology can be used to weave agility into the very fabric of the organisation so that suppliers have the intelligence and insight they need to make the right decision, first time, every time.

Digital platforms are key to future diversification

As we ride the wave of post-pandemic recovery, it is clear is that it is not enough for businesses to continue to digitise. They also must look beyond channels on which they already sell, and seek out international sales as a simple means of growth. Only those businesses with the agility built in to adapt to any changes will grow, says Tony Preedy, Managing Director of Fruugo.