Survey: 1 in 3 Millennials want to interview remotely, making tech key to hiring

By 2020, Millennials will make up 35% of the global workforce. In a candidate-led market, it’s vital to appeal to millennial job seekers more than ever before.

That’s the forecast from a new survey, conducted by
Cheeky Munkey. Already the largest generation in the workplace, Millennials were asked how the job searching and interview process could be improved, with the findings discovering a need for employers to focus on where job opportunities are hosted, remote technology, and transparency.

When asked about improvements to the interview process, 60% of Millennials want more transparency regarding salary before an interview takes place. Over half (53%) of the respondents said they wanted to be shown where they would be sitting should they get the job.

Post-interview, 59% of Millennials stated that receiving feedback after an unsuccessful interview would make the whole interview process better.

Technology adaptions for HR teams were found to not only be prevalent in the interview itself, but also in how jobs are advertised by a company, with outdated methods potentially narrowing to talent pool:

  • Online searches – whether via Google or directly on a company’s site – are the preferred job-hunting method for millennials, with 52% and 51% respectively looking for a job this way.
  • Almost a third of Millennials now use social media as their preferred method of searching for a job.
  • Only 18% favoured the direct approach from recruiters via LinkedIn, email or phone.
  • Word of mouth is also out of favour with Millennials, with only 19% using this as a way of finding their next role.

The survey shows that it’s crucial HR teams to make sure job listings are discoverable in search engines, making use of Google Jobs by optimising job listings on the company website are actions that should be implemented to attract millennial talent.

Don Byrne, recruitment sector consultant at Cheeky Munkey, states:

‘As employers compete to attract and retain the best talent, HR teams must ensure that the interview process is as appealing as possible to every candidate. The survey emphasises areas of key importance to millennials when they are choosing an agency.

60% of the millennial respondents stated salary transparency is a must ahead of an interview, so ensure this information is readily available to the interviewee. Despite companies often failing to provide post-interview feedback to unsuccessful candidates, millennial job seekers place a real value on this, with nearly 59% of those surveyed stating they would expect to hear from a company whether they were successful or not. Employers should ensure they have a robust procedure in place to provide feedback to successful and unsuccessful candidates alike.

It is vital that HR teams utilise the latest data to tailor their interview process to appeal to candidates, or risk losing out to their competitors.’

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